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Marcy Tanniru, Portfolio

Philosophy of Marketing Strategy

Over the the course of my career, I've developed a marketing playbook, which is a 10-step guide that combines marketing fundamentals with the philosophies of widely recognized sales and marketing experts. It acts as a template for creating a strategic marketing program. Many projects used a combination of these steps. 

Download the playbook. 

Pre-Game: Stating Your (Existing) Business Strategy

Step 1: Developing a Brand Identity

Step 2: Personas

Step 3: Competitive Charting and Differentiation

Step 4: Business Plan Alignment

Step 5: Impact Architecture

Step 6: Customer Pain

Step 7: Sales Alignment

Step 8: Tactics

Step 9: Metrics & Success Tracking

Step 10: Return on Your Investment


The most important part of creating a marketing program is aligning the marketing plan with the goals of the business. Once you understand your business goals, you can create a marketing strategy to support those goals. Then, your marketing objectives will state quantitatively how you will support the marketing strategy. A marketing plan outlines the steps to achieve the marketing objectives. The marketing tactics are the activities that allow the marketing plan, marketing objectives, and marketing strategy realize the business goals. 

Download an example of marketing alignment.

Marketing Alignment

The marketing tactics illustration is a graphical representation of how content can be used to drive traffic to a website, which can then be used to nurture and generate leads and, ultimately, convert to sales. ​About half of my clients are in the early stages of developing their marketing programs. Many only use their website as a digital brochure. I typically use this method in conjunction with the business alignment method to create a marketing plan that leads the client toward a more mature marketing program

Download the Marketing Tactics illustration.

Marketing Tactics
Product Brochures

The ProFlow brochures were part of an effort to improve sales support and customer collateral. I also edit and update ProFlow’s Wordpress website and run their LinkedIn presence. We’re also beginning to run emails campaigns. 

(Click on the thumbnails to download the brochures.)

capabilities bro.png
starch processing bro.png
paper industry bro.png
liquid metering bro.png

The OMNI 4000/7000 Series brochure was part of a product launch campaign for OMNI’s next-generation product. I worked with subject matter experts to understand the market, develop messaging, write the copy, and design the brochure. 

(Click to download the brochure.)

The Uson 628 brochure was one element of new product launch involving message development and the creation of web copy, the brochure, technical data sheets, trade show booth artwork, emails, and LinkedIn posts. 

(Click to download the brochure.)

White Papers

White papers tend to be longer and more technical in nature than other forms of marketing content. The development process involves gathering knowledge of the subject matter expert and reconfiguring that knowledge in a way that is easy to read and provides the specific type of information that the targets require. 

(Click on the thumbnails to download the white papers.)

PWS white paper.png
Data Sheets

These Biotector/Hach Application notes were part of a series of similar documents. I interviewed the subject matter expert, who was located in Ireland, and wrote and formatted the document in Word. 

(Click on the thumbnail to download the data sheets.)

Hach wastewater.png
Hach wastewater 2.png
Blog Posts

Cambridge Viscosity uses its blog to drive traffic to its web site from LinkedIn. The goal is to create a steady flow of technical content that is appealing to a customer demographic that consists primarily of engineers. 

Visit the Cambridge Viscosity blog. 

Visit the Cambridge Viscosity LinkedIn profile. 

cvi blog.png
Web Site Content
cvi web site.png

The scope of the Cambridge Viscosity project started off with only including web content. However, it quickly morphed into a full web site redesign. I had limited experience in Hubspot, so I quickly taught myself how to use and modify the Hubspot templates. The site redesign was completed in phases, with the most popular pages going live first. Since I started to work on the CVI website: 

  • Organic search increased by a factor of 7

  • Direct traffic doubled

  • Page views are up 44.81%

  • Conversion rate of the top 10 pages is 23.615%

Visit the Cambridge Viscosity web site.


I was hired by Ametek to overhaul the content of their careers site. They felt that competitors were presenting opportunities better, and that it was impacting their ability to attract high-potential candidates. For this project, I interview the management team and HR representatives to understand their organizational goals. I researched topic areas like diversity and sustainability to determine what was important to high-potential employees. Then, I wireframed the website to create a visual representation as I developed the content. We went through a few rounds of edits until we were happy with the copy. It was then turned over to web developers to complete the process.

Visit the Ametek Career page.

ametek careers.png

This infographic was created because NECI wanted to use an article published in a magazine, but we weren’t sure if we had the rights to use it the way NECI wanted to. We took the information and repurposed it into an infographic, which was then used to promote their capabilities relating to the Industrial Internet of Things. 

Download the infographic.

NECI wanted to talk about ISA-95 at a tradeshow, but they weren’t sure how to present the information. I created this infographic and had it printed on a magnet board with magnets, which allowed NECI’s subject matter experts at the trade show show how their capabilities aligned with the ISA-95 requirements. 

Download the infographic

maturity model.png

I created this maturity model as part of NECI’s Enterprise Solutions product launch campaign. I also created the website, supporting data sheets, posters, emails, and other sales support efforts. 

Visit the Enterprise Solutions campaign site.

enterprise solutions banner.png

This is a poster used to support NECI’s Enterprise Solutions product launch at trade shows and events. 

Download the roller banner artwork.

This OMNI Flow poster was part of their product launch. I hired a graphic designer to develop the brochure template, and I used the concept to create complementary material, like this roller banner. 

Download the roller banner artwork.

omni banner.png

I developed 37 videos for Norriseal. I worked with Norriseal to understand their needs, and then worked with subject matter experts to develop the story board and script. I hired a video company, supported the video shoots, managed post-production edits, and created the branded YouTube page.  

View the videos on YouTube.

norriseal videos.png
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