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Online content is one of the most critical elements of how your customers experience your brand. It's non uncommon for your website visitors to use your digital presence to make a purchase decision before they've even spoken with a sales person. 

In addition to helping you to define your purpose and capabilities, and letting potential customers get to know you, your content is also a critical element of search engine optimization and lead generation.


Because you have great content, a person searching on "blue widgets in the metro area" might see a link to your website on the first page of a search.  You happen to specialize in blue widgets, and you're located in the metro area. 

When that person gets to your website, if you have a wide selection of excellent content, he or she might visit your blog, scroll through your photo gallery, or click through your product and service pages. 

When that person gets to a call to action -- perhaps the option to submit a form to download a white paper -- he or she provides contact information to you, and becomes a lead. 

Click here for a list of great content options for B2Bs. 


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