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Manage Your Digital Presence

There’s more to your customer’s online experience than your website and Facebook business page.


  • How are you getting found?

  • What key words are leading potential customers to you?

  • Is your web site providing the type of information potential customers are looking for?

  • How many customers are browsing around your website?

  • Are you using social media in a way that drives customers to your website, or are you just wasting time posting updates that no one reads?

  • Are you positioning yourself as an industry expert through blogs, communities, and forums?

  • Are you tracking lead generation?

  • Can customers buy your products online?

  • Do you know if you’ve ever been reviewed online by a past customer?



The answers to these questions – among others – will a huge impact on the success of your marketing plan. We will help you to understand how customers are interacting with your online presence, and optimize your online marketing to generate the most results for the smallest effort and investment.


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