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Develop a Marketing Strategy


Your strategy is where you want to be, and your plan is how you will get there. And somehow, it needs to be realistic, manageable, and trackable. 


That's where we come in. At Marcommer, we'll help you define your marketing strategy, create a plan to get there, and implement the tactics to make it all happen.  Then, we'll track the results to show your return on investment. 

We've created a 10-step plan to use as a guide to make developing your marketing program easy and straightforward. 

Marketing Playbook

We use a marketing playbook containing the most effective marketing architectures from marketing leaders, as well as our own systems that have been meticulously developed over the past 15 years. The Marketing Playbook covers:


Pre-Game: Stating Your (Existing) Business Strategy

Step 1: Developing a Brand Identity

Step 2: Personas

Step 3: Competitive Charting and Differentiation

Step 4: Business Plan Alignment

Step 5: Impact Architecture

Step 6: Customer Pain

Step 7: Sales Alignment

Step 8: Tactics

Step 9: Metrics & Success Tracking

Step 10: Return on Your Investment

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